CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA, 10 Aug 2021, When three recognized developers were victimized as investors by a BSC project named BXRP, who knew that this would ultimately lead them to an opportunity to collectively change the cryptocurrency industry as we know it! They each made a pact at that moment when they saw members of this community lose millions of dollars – that they would create a coin that rendered a safe haven for investors and that ultimately strived to be different from any other coin ever launched on the BSC platform. A cryptocurrency company ran like a full corporate enterprise from top to bottom is what this team of superstar developers had envisioned for their future investors, which would, in turn, furnish them a sustainability factor for long-term growth leading to generational wealth for its holders. Thus, this fully doxxed developer team created a reward token that would lead to an entire trend of how every other reward token was made subsequently.  As a result, BabyXRP (BBYXRP) started trading on July 4, 2021, a day in the United States that is ironically celebrated for its freedom; now also a day that investors on the BSC remember as their first taste of financial freedom.

BabyXRP is a deflationary token that provides Legacy XRP rewards (in the form of wrapped Bep20 XRP) automatically airdropped to its holders every 3 days! The BabyXRP contract consists of an aggregation of a locked liquidity pool, no minting function, and no team tokens- all extraordinary signs of confidence for any potential investor. In addition, to immortalize their one-month anniversary since actuation and their first charity drive in Manila they released a brand new reward tokenomics for the remaining airdrops in the month of August:

  • REWARDS: 10%
  • BURN: 1%

So far BabyXRP has rewarded over $1,000,000 worth of XRP to their holders as of August 10. The 10% tax for the rewards pool is on all buys and sells and symbolizes a 100% increase equivalent to their previous tokenomics system. Consequently, when investors witness red on the chart, they can rest assured their rewards are increasing. Nevertheless, the top 4 wallets do not get any XRP rewards and that too accelerates the reward amount by another 100%. According to BSCscan, most of their top holders are long-term “diamond hand” holders, many of whom have not sold a single coin. With that much trust in their team and the reward system from their big holders, one can safely assume that you are in good hands with BabyXRP. Every penny of the marketing wallet is used to promote the growth of their brand and full transparency with the community on where exactly marketing funds were spent are always available. Over 12,400 holders of BabyXRP are now on record for this project, representing marvelous maturation and a gleaming future. 

The brand-new relationship with the Btok social network will provide assistance in expanding awareness to worldwide investors, including regionally in mainland China and Asia. The team fully understands the potential of the South East Asian crypto market and thus, they are targeting language groups and new platforms just like this one to spread the word and to educate. The team’s vision has always been to create a one-stop shop for crypto information and investing on their media platforms. The BabyXRP team has even gone as far as adding a crypto psychologist to the team to help create plans for targeting different demographics. Moreover, the BabyXRP team has decided to create an analytics team to begin using a streamlined process to trial what is functional and what can use improvements with their marketing endeavors.

The whole principle usage of BabyXRP is to reward holders in the shape of XRP tokens. In terms of basics, the XRP token has been trending upwards since the most recent comments from Ripple CTO David Schwartz who has been hinting at the fact that the company is attempting to take advantage of the stylish NFT markets. As part of its business enlargement design, Ripple is discovering whether the prospect of migrating NFT to XRP Ledger could be advantageous to their organization. Moreover, moving its liquidity on-demand business to global markets seems to be on the horizon. The XRP Ledger offers low transaction costs and fast processing speeds, hence, making it a captivating platform to support NFTs. Federated side chains have also been mentioned in the latest media releases coming out in the next few months and this would support larger measurability, and possibly could offer much greater speeds and transaction volumes. With the XRP token back above their support line, many traders are anticipating an astronomic run upcoming and this only means better value for BabyXRP holders.

When all said and done, the BabyXRP brand corresponds to so much more than just another coin, it represents true financial freedom with no boundaries. So whether you are in the Philippines and can’t afford to open a bank account due to the $100 minimum deposit or whether you are a non-documented immigrant living in the USA and have no access to the required paperwork needed to open a new bank account – BabyXRP opens the door for you by allowing you to do business on the blockchain while collecting a daily profit every 3 days! No bank account in the world can provide this much value on your funds yet provide you with a passive income that you can rely upon like clockwork. So has this team completed their vision of what they sought out to be once they first started? The head developer Neko puts it best when he responded by saying, “Absolutely….not! The BabyXRP brand is just beginning in terms of connecting people of all demographics on the blockchain. Our vision is to be a company that will operate generations down the line, not just for the next 12 months. We have a vision of changing the world one wallet at a time. Our baby is just waiting to grow into his next stage of growth and with us fine-tuning our marketing/tokenomics to adapt to this ever-changing marketplace – BabyXRP is a coin…well a company that is here to make our mark in a big way. One of my lessons in this cryptocurrency industry is that both Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but we fail to realize that sometimes the growth occurs while we’re climbing it.”





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