Metagwara to Promote Financial Interests Through the Metaverse

Metagwara, a web 3.0 driven token in the meta ecosystem, aims to integrate reality into the gwaraverse, connecting the community through tokenization via the metaverse. The gwaraverse is a community-driven ecosystem that promotes financial interests, giving learning opportunities for users to be in charge of their finances. 

SolidProof, a reputable blockchain auditing firm in Germany, has already conducted the contract audit. It has since received a contract audit badge to show it is secure and free of any vulnerabilities.

Gwaraverse has Multiple Opportunities

Gwaraverse is a simulated digital environment that creates room for user engagement on metaverse by utilizing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technologies.

Gwaraverse’s concept aims to create its community by utilizing essential enabling technologies to increase the quality of experience in the metaverse successfully. Through tokenomics, NFTs trading, and Gwara lock, it will give its participants control over their finances. It simultaneously maximizes experience through decentralized health care, gaming, and entertainment.

Gwara Lock is a product of the Metagwara project that will soon launch. Once launched, it will allow a lock-up of a specific MGT amount over a certain period to gain rewards. However, it would be best to have the $MTG token before staking it. 

Through the Gwara Lock staking, you can directly contribute to the blockchain’s MTG ecosystem efficiency, security, and authenticity. Another advantage that staking has is it assists in shielding you from $MGT panic sales due to volatility.

Gwaraverse project was launched in 2021 and is currently witnessing exponential growth in the number of participants.

MGT Token

$MGT now has a total supply of 500 trillion tokens. The project recently carried out its presale on Pinksale that lasted for a day, raising 449.665 BNB. The presale saw a contribution from 528 people with I BNB equating to 40 Billion MGT. Notably, Metagwara set up the soft cap at 250 BNB while the hard cap was $500 BNB. After the launch, $MTG is currently trading on Pancakeswap.

What is Next?

According to the roadmap, the first stage will have the airdrop, presale, and Pancakeswap launch, which it has already achieved. There is also an estimation goal of 5000 holders and 15000 telegram members followed by CMG and CG listing, which is yet to be done. 

Stage 2 will involve donations to charities, the Gwara Lock and Gwara Shop launch, and a Cetik audit. There is also a goal to reach 15,000 holders and 25,000 telegram members by this time. 

Stage 3 will see the Gwara Swap, Gwara NFT, and CEX listing launch. During this stake, the team hopes to achieve 50,000 holders. Lastly, stage 4 will have a partnership, the launch of Gwara gaming, and the Gwara chain and Now payment.

About Metagwara

Metagwara is a web 3.0 driven token in the meta/gamefi ecosystem created to bring into reality the Gwaraverse. It is a community-driven ecosystem that promotes financial interests and educates holders to manage their finances. You can catch more updates through their social media;