SYNC Network Fair Release: Buy SYNC Tokens and Create NFT Crypto Bonds

The SYNC Network offers DeFi users a practical solution through tradable stakes bonding Uniswap liquidity pairs with a fully trustless ERC-20 token (SYNC).

SYNC offers users the opportunity to earn interest by staking a cryptographic bond to Uniswap liquidity pair tokens (Crypto Bonds).

Crypto Bonds are a new type of fully tradable ERC-721 NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) that lock liquidity on Uniswap and bond it with SYNC tokens. 

SYNC tokens locked inside of Crypto Bonds can be paired with other crypto assets to form a unique asset that rewards the user with interest for their time commitment. The ERC-721 trade on the NFT market place, creating a new and unique speculative market for crypto investors.

The SYNC Fair Release Schedule (FRS)

SYNC promises to revolutionize DeFi by boosting the liquidity structures of every pool that associates with it. 

This modernized project increases the liquidity power of specific pools through the Crypto Bonds and also deploys a tactic meant to increase the stability of the SYNC token in conjunction with their respective pools.

SYNC tokens will be distributed via a Fair Release Schedule set to commence in about 20 days. 300 Million tokens are available for minting for a period of 360 days, with the FRS set to conclude in November of 2021. 50% of the available supply will be available in the first month. First mover advantage could potentially be very incentivizing. 

Crypto Bonds are an entirely new asset class that offers users a pioneering speculation tool where groups of interest-earning assets can be traded as one item. They spread downside risk across all the assets bonded to them. Moreover, trading on a secondary market doesn’t impact the spot price of the assets contained within the Crypto Bond.

Investors in the SYNC project stand to earn lucrative interest with quarterly CryptoBonds scheduled to pay out interest on the SYNC tokens every 90 days. For term CBonds, interest is locked for a duration of up to 3 years.

The founders are allocated 15% of the ETH and 15% of the Operational SYNC received in the FRS. 50% will be used for the creation of network CryptoBonds with a large portion going to projects that partner with SYNC Network.

Meanwhile, 10% is set aside for the marketing and advertising budget and 10% for the development of future DeFi financial products.

How to Create a CryptoBond

SYNC Network is launching its own Crypto Bond builder. To create a Crypto Bond, investors are required to have Uniswap liquidity pool tokens (LPT) from one of the SYNC network’s whitelisted pairs.

Next, users should select how many LPTs they wish to bond, and the SYNC interface will auto-populate the SYNC tokens required. SYNC Network requires users to add 50% SYNC to every Crypto Bond to guarantee the maintenance of the token’s strength while supporting assets in the liquidity pools bonded to it.

SYNC tokens are set to be paired with over 150 different liquidity pairs. They have an undefined total supply with inflationary and deflationary attributes. Once a Crypto Bond is created, it cannot be changed, altered, or canceled. 

Owners can view their holdings via custom digital documents that display all the relevant numerical info in an easy to view way. They can also transfer their Crypto Bonds to another wallet address at only the expense of a GAS fee. 

Furthermore, investors will be able to trade their Crypto Bonds at market value via either auction or the SYNC network’s automated bond market maker.

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