Wolftrade Exchange is the next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform that utilizes and maximizes blockchain capability. Our goal is to become the new international financial ecosystem focusing on customer profits – our highest priority.

At Wolftrade Exchange, we’re fully committed to bringing the lowest fees exchange, fast, transparent, and most secure trading platform in the world. Wolftrade Exchange offers a broad range of cryptocurrencies available to trade either BTC, ETH – pioneers in the world of cryptocurrencies, or the new tokens – hidden gems, which come along with massive growth potential for early investors. Above all, the safety of investors’ assets is our top priority.

We’re excited to announce that our token sale (ICO) is coming! This event will be published on our website from this month.


Our WTE token sale (ICO) will distribute 20,000,000 WTE – 22,2% of the total supply of WTE tokens.

 Supply: 20,000,000 WTE (22,2% of total supply)

Price: $0,2 – $0,9 per token

Payment accepted: USDT

Vesting plan: 5-20% unlock monthly on the  25th of the following month after ICO is completed.

Min personal Cap: $100

Max personal Cap: $1000,000


Total 3,000,000 WTE will be used as rewards for users who support our Project from the first days. Like other airdrop campaigns, the lucky attendees will get an amount of WTE tokens up to 200 WTE if they do and follow all the requirements of our campaigns. The more people attend, the more reward given to the community. Especially, 100% of the Airdrop token will be released at TGE.

We are extremely excited to mark this milestone in our journey and even excited to welcome new community holders onboard. To learn more about Wolftrade Exchange and keep up to date with the upcoming events, follow us on Twitter, Telegram,etc. and visit our website …


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