DistX Platform Launch On Track: Here’s What You Need To Know

DistX Platform Launch On Track: Here’s What You Need To Know

DistX has just launched its token sale platform, where projects can quickly raise funds. Users of the new exchange can now find all past, present, and upcoming token sales in one convenient location.

Users can also view the smart contract guaranteed settings designated by the token sale teams and contribute straight from the DistX site. 

What’s more, DistX offers rewards for contributors via a unique DISTXR redemption token. This non-fungible token (NFT) is redeemable for the token sale tokens at any time, and to any address, after the completion of the token sale.

DistX Project Updates

Following the DistX platform’s launch in Oct.28, the project has continued reaching out to token sales teams everywhere. Plenty of promising projects have expressed their desire to run their sale on DistX. Following the massive influx of teams, DistX has now mandated KYC to deter those who might attempt to rug pull. 

The token sale platform announced the Never Sellephant NFT give away on Oct. 14, the second in the DistX 10 collectible series.

This token is for community members who have held on to a minimum of 500 DISTX in their wallet without moving or selling them for 14 consecutive days. The first 5 participants to collect all ten collectible NFT’s stand to win 20K DISTX each.

Earlier last month, the project listed DistX on UniSwap and distributed tokens, followed by listings on HotBit, Probit, and two top exchanges. DistX also announced four strategic partnerships, including BitBoy, ProBit, CoinStats, and CryptoAdventure.

DistX has now joined forces with Crypto World News, one of the leading crypto and ICO related Telegram groups. The popular platform boasts over 1 million subscribers across their two main Telegram groups, Crypto World News and Crypto World ICOs.

Enjoying the Benefits of Using DistX

DistX was designed from the get-go to become the future of decentralized token sales, offering a rewarding and flexible platform for token sale contributors.

DISTXR tokens issued after the DistX token sale in August serve primarily as a receipt for each token sale contribution via the DistDEX.

The platform generates a unique DISTXR token at the time of a participant’s contribution, sent to a destination wallet(s) of their choice. This NFT token is redeemable at any time after distribution via the DistX website for a share of the token sale tokens.

DistX currently collects 2% of the ETH raised by a team during a sale. 1% of all raised ETH in a token sale is designated for buying back and burning DISTX from Uniswap. The other 1% is a fee to pay for automated gas.

Token holders get to benefit in a big way from DistX’s unique and sustainable rewards system. The top 200 DISTXR token holders share in 2% of all the tokens from token sales listed on the platform. This factor ensures that they receive a constant share of new tokens from new projects.

Top contributors also receive access to early token sales on DistX, giving them a substantial advantage during popular token sales.

What Can Token Sale Holders Expect?

Token sale holders on the DistX website gain increased exposure after being listed on the ‘’upcoming and live” token sale area. This way, brand new projects can conveniently access the existing user base of DISTX token holders and get many more token sale participants. 

Moreover, token sale holders benefit from the platform’s fully decentralized contribution and distribution contracts, facilitating the automatic and instant listing on DistDEX after each successful token sale.

Finally, token sale holders can use the DistX smart contracts to set minimum and maximum contributions and even adjust the automatic token distribution date.

DistX Project Listings: Carbon.io & Dettapay

DistX has listed Dettapay, a project working to develop an innovative blockchain-based solution that functions as a payment system in both digital and traditional sectors. Participants in the Dettapay token sale can purchase DETTA on the DistX Platform, with a minimum contribution of 1 ETH and a maximum contribution of 25 ETH.

Similarly, Carbon will list its token sale on DistX on Nov. 9, as the project shifts from ESOS to CRBN tokens. The public sale will offer 25M tokens to generate funds for UniSwap, marketing, and development of the Carbon project.