Get Ready for the Dettapay Token Presale On DistX Platform

Dettapay is working to create an innovative blockchain-based solution that functions as a payment system in both digital and traditional sectors.

The platform integrates the Dettapay marketplace, a global e-store where individuals from around the world can pay for goods and services safely and conveniently. 

All remittances are paid through the network’s native ERC-20 token, DETTA. The utility token also gives users access to a broader market spread on a global scale. 

The new ecosystem is currently analyzing the best technical solutions to change fiat currencies to the DETTA token when a customer is paying with a Debit or Credit Card. The platform will support top currencies such as USD, EURO, and UK Pound. 

The Dettapay team will be joining forces with cybersecurity firms and Identity protection companies to integrate the utmost security. This way, clients can transact with the peace of mind that their funds are safe from hackers, and their identity is protected. 

Users on the payment platform get lucrative rewards and discounts for initiating payments with DETTA, which should create increased demand for the token. 

DETTA facilitates the stress-free availability of goods and services on the ecosystem’s marketplace while giving users unprecedented freedom of trading with any amount. 

The DETTA Token Presale Is Almost Here!

The DETTA token presale will take place on November 5, 2020, offering contributors 300,000 tokens out of a total 1 million supply. The exact presale time will be announced closer to the date on the Dettapay telegram group dettapay.

Interested individuals will be able to purchase DETTA on the decentralized DistX Token Sale Platform, with the minimum contribution set at 0.5 ETH and maximum contribution at 25 ETH.

1 ETH Presale = 150 DETTA and 1 ETH Uniswap = 120 DETTA

In case the project doesn’t reach the hardcap, the Dettapay won’t burn any unsold tokens, but rather channel them directly to marketing and partnerships.

The division of the DETTA tokens comes in several phases. Team members will receive 20% of the initial tokens. The team tokens will be locked for six (6) months using DistX Token Lock Option.

The tokens to be sold via the presale amount to 30%. 10% of the tokens will be reserved for staking rewards.

Another 30% of the tokens will go to marketing, partnerships, and other services.

The Dettapay team plans to list the final 10% of tokens to Uniswap within 48 hours after completing the token presale. These Uniswap liquidity tokens will remain locked for one (1) year with DistX Token Lock Option. 

The next step for the Dettapay project will be submitting applications and listing details to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

At the end of 2020, Dettapay has arrangements to list DETTA on major crypto exchanges, thus giving users diverse options to consider when looking to exchange other currencies to DETTA or vice versa.

Your Best Store of Value

Dettapay brings a host of benefits that make its platform relevant for payments by both crypto and traditional sectors. 

The platform offers a modern payment system that focuses on user privacy. Moreover, users can enjoy easy availability of goods and services on the ecosystem’s global e-store via the DETTA token, which is a store of value that has a real-world use. 

Dettapay will be partnering with top-notch startups to help enhance DETTA’s full potential as the primary currency in the ecosystem. 

Users will be able to shop with DETTA in the same way they would use fiat, either on the Dettapay marketplace or with the network’s partnering companies. 

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Telegram: Dettapay

Website: Dettapay