How IMcoin is revolutionizing cryptocurrency asset management 


Tallinn, Estonia, 24 May 2021, There is a chance that at least one in five of the last articles you read is about cryptocurrency. The tremendous growth of cryptocurrencies has stunned the world. Statistica reports that there are 101 million cryptocurrency users in the third quarter of 2020, which is stunning because there were just 5 million cryptocurrency users in 2016. Holding cryptocurrency assets is a great way to store your wealth, but it can be damaging if you fail to protect your assets properly. You dont need to worry because IMcoin is a company that is creating a powerful way for you to store and earn with your cryptocurrency assets.


IMcoin provides stability with cryptocurrency assets

The IMcoin team is implementing a completely new concept which is known as hybridcoin. In simple terms, a hybrid currency is the combination of a cryptocurrency asset and a stablecoin. The main advantage of the hybrid currency is that users can earn money in the cryptocurrency market that is booming. They will also have a stable currency that supports it through a reserve fund in case the market is not favorable. The truth is that cryptocurrencies are now used as a medium of exchange. Companies like Tesla that accept Bitcoin for cars are also adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolio, but there is currently a major problem affecting the cryptocurrency market. The challenge is stability; Many crypto enthusiasts know that their crypto assets are volatile as cryptocurrencies can lose ten percent of their value in an hour. The use of cryptocurrencies for payments is still scarce; This is why the Imcoin team is creating a product that will make cryptocurrencies safe for everyday use, like buying a cup of coffee.


IMCoin reserve fund

IMCoin has a public and
audited reserve fund, each IMC is backed by the reserve fund. Unlike other stablecoins, the reserve fund works with different strategies to increase in value and thus cause the price of IMC to rise. This is where the Hybridcoin concept comes from, IMC users can have a currency that is backed and stable against volatility and in turn a currency that generates value over time.


IMcoin improves globalization

The word globalization in cryptocurrency terms means that individuals and businesses will use everyday transactions and cross-border transactions. The US dollar is currently the world’s dominant currency; The US dollar represents approximately 60% of world trade. This dominance means that the United States has an unfair advantage in the commercial advantage; sometimes they impose sanctions on other countries because of the excessive power they wield. Blockchain is a solution to those unfair advantages; blockchain is decentralized, which means there is no central authority. Everyone on the network can operate in place of the main body, such as the federal reserve, that dictates its currency. Bitcoin and Ethereum would have been a perfect solution to enable fitness in global trading due to decentralization. Still, the problem with Bitcoin or Ethereum is volatile, and transactions are sometimes slow and expensive. That is why IMcoin is the perfect solution for cross-border transactions because the currency also works as a stable currency, which means that each IMC is backed by a reserve fund. Transactions on Imcoin are fast and transaction fees on Imcoin are very low. The network that Imcoin is building means that it will likely become one of the largest cryptocurrencies for crypto asset exchange in the future.


Imcoin platform will allow users to trade their cryptocurrency assets

IMcoin is a hybrid currency that helps users trade their cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the largest markets in the industry. IMcoin understands that some users will only test HODL the coins, but some are traders who want to speculate on the coins for profit. IMcoin will provide a platform for users to exchange their coins. The user interface of its trading platform is friendly and interactive. IMcoin will also provide an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows merchants to share their trading results with other users. The authenticity of the commercial results of the users will be verified through the blockchain technology and the users will be able to create their own hybridcoins supporting them with their commercial results.


IMcoin helps in lending

The arrival of cryptocurrency has disrupted almost all the traditional industries, one of the major industries in the banking and finance industry. Banks are ineffective in giving out loans to their customers. It sometimes takes hours of paperwork to be filled until a user can get a loan, but with blockchain technology, users can get loans easily without banks. IMcoin enables users to get loans on the platform loans gotten IMcoin are without intermediaries, which means that users can apply for loans and get them within seconds on the platform. The loans on IMcoin are backed by encryption guarantees based on the security and transparency of blockchain technology. Users who get loans on the platform are also allowed to deposit multiple cryptocurrencies to stabilize their collaterals, and all accounts are also properly audited by the necessary bodies.


IMcoin provides constant innovation

One of the major reasons projects fail is that many project founders don
t invest their time and resources to improve the project. IMcoin project is different; they have developers who are constantly working to take the project to the next level. The users in the online community can report bugs in the codes, and those bugs will be fixed by our team of developers instantly. The developers will also add updates that are requested by the community.


How to invest in IMcoin


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