Mozart Uses MELODY to Harmonize Crypto Offerings in a Beautiful Symphony

Mozart Finance is a unique yield farming protocol that powers a decentralized DeFi ecosystem of the same name based on the Binance Smart Chain. Mozart was originally a fork of Goose Finance from Pancakeswap. After their initial massive success, the team studied their model’s success and community demands. Mozarts team’s deliberations resulted in a sustainable DeFi environment offering a unique smart contract coin for high APR and TVL yield farming and an NFT marketplace offering unique music-based NFTs. The Binance Smart Chain DeFi project has a max supply of 47 million tokens; 60% will be accessible through yield farming, another 32% to staking rewards from liquidity pools, and the rest to the community at large. Like the titular composer, Mozart relies on the unique symphonies of melody or Mozart Finance’s MELODY. The symphonic token replaces Mozart’s former token, eliminating the few weaknesses and bolstering the coin’s many strengths. MELODY is a symphonic coin that ensures investor safety and project longevity. MELODY has various burn mechanisms working in concert to ensure its promises, A random weekly burn that depends on prevailing market conditions. Unsold presale and starting liquidity tokens are burned whenever their offering period is over. And finally, a Burn Functionality Insurance System (BFIS) that will lock all MELODY and MOZART tokens for a while, simultaneously burning all unlocked tokens, preserving the users’ funds. MELODY offers a Liquidity locking feature that ensures the liquidity of a pool can not be pulled by either the Mozart team, scam investors, or hackers, adding an extra layer of security to the platform; Dxsales is in charge of the liquidity locking. For more protection, Mozart will add the Cryptex system for reliable market data and have their code audited by Hacken and other auditing companies in due time. At the core of Mozart’s functionality is its yield farming protocol. The protocol allows access to multiple pools with high APRs to the users of the Mozart platform. With yield farming, investors can lock funds in a pot and receive rewards based on contribution levels. Yield farming is a better alternative to traditional trading, offering more accessibility and security to investors. Mozart’s unique deflationary tactics work well with Yield farming to provide a cost-efficient, decentralized, secure Betting, AMM, Lending, Farming, and NFT-compatible platform. Mozart will offer DeFi lending protocols that allow users to pose as a bank. Users will be able to lend funds to a lending pool and earn interest from the collection, and the lenders make their interest even if borrowers default on repayments. Mozart Finance will offer a gaming and betting service that will allow users to venture into the world of decentralized betting, a nascent area of the blockchain industry. As a network, Mozart will also offer Initial Farm Offerings to users and other Blockchain projects a new form of coin offering, but more see-through and autonomous; these features are discussed better below Mozarts most anticipated feature is its NFT marketplace promising a focus on musical NFTs. In 2020, Blockchain technology changed the music industry, introducing payment platforms and tokenizing music, among other artworks. The introduction of NFTs has provided a convenient and flexible way for artists to offer unique experiences without a middleman’s interference. Users of Mozart will be able to tap into a market valued at millions, trading, collecting, or creating NFTs with ease. Mozart aims to capitalize on the musical NFT wave by supporting the budding industry on its platform and collaboration with prominent music industry names and small independent artists.

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