California Giant Berry Farms Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain Tracking System


U.S. berry producer California Giant Berry Farms joined the blockchain-based food tracking solution IBM Food Trust.

Fruit and vegetable news outlet The Packer reported on May 17 that California Giant will use a blockchain to share data between all the points of its supply chain. The firm employs Glassbit’s Glasschain IBM Food Trust integration compliance as a service solution.

According to California Giant’s senior director of operations Thomas Taggart, the integration with IBM’s blockchain network will allow the firm and its partners to find ways to improve the efficiency of product transportation. Senior director of global food safety at Walmart, Tejas Bhatt, also praised the integration:

“This enables us to track food from farm to store and helps ensure it is fresh and safe when our customers buy it.”

According to company data website Owler, California Giant has an estimated annual revenue of $62.6 million and employs 103 people.

Blockchain sees increasing use in food tracking

Supply chain tracking is one of the most active areas of blockchain technology implementation, presumably because its immutability is particularly valuable in such applications. The food industry seems particularly interested in such developments because of the high-pressure on ensuring that products falling in the category are safe for consumption when they reach the shelves.

As Cointelegraph reported in late April, world’s largest producer of fruit and vegetables Dole Food Company released a five-year plan to expand its adoption of distributed ledger technology.