Cointelegraph Joins World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence Network


We are excited to announce that Cointelegraph has joined the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence contributor network as a content partner, supplying the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency industry news, market analysis and op-eds into its sophisticated and wide-ranging knowledge base. 

Launched in 2019, Strategic Intelligence uses a combination of professional and AI-driven analysis to curate insights from think tanks, institutions and media outlets around the globe. Users can more effectively navigate the complex and interconnected global problems that beset the world, such as hunger, poverty, energy, health care, climate, global trade and finance through dynamic and interactive Transformation Maps — which allow builders and policymakers to see how problems and solutions weave together and to separate signal from noise.

Cointelegraph joins a vibrant, global network of carefully selected think tanks, research institutes and publishers that are at the cutting edge of their fields, such as the World Trade Institute, Rand Corporation, University of Cambridge, Pew Research Center, Harvard Kennedy School and the World Resources Institute. 

The WEF has long acknowledged blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as potential tools to combating some of these persistent problems, from securing trust in global trade to rooting out violence in supply chains. The blockchain Transformation Map, curated by Imperial College London, aggregates news and analysis from leading sources in the space. 

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies featured prominently in discussions at the 2020 World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, from Jan. 20 to 24. Key takeaways of the event include a heightened discussion on crypto industry regulation and a keen interest in researching and developing Central Bank Digital Currencies. In April, the WEF published a report detailing how blockchain technology could help resuscitate the global economy in the wake of COVID-19. In early May, Cointelegraph interviewed Nadia Hewett, the project lead for blockchain and digital currency at the WEF, on how blockchain technology could help mend the fragile global supply chain. 

Since 1971, the WEF has provided the leaders, builders and industry professionals of the world the necessary information to navigate an uncertain future and to solve the pervasive challenges facing humanity. 

At Cointelegraph, we believe that solving the seemingly intractable global challenges of our time is a collective effort that necessitates using the best tools and knowledge for the job. We are honored and inspired to contribute to the WEF’s mission to progress society along a path to sustainability and shared prosperity.