Cyprus Hospital to Deploy DLT-Based Medical Data Management


Blockchain tracking platform, VeChain, announced that it co-developed a blockchain-based medical data management platform in partnership with digital healthcare solution firm I-Dante.

The platform, dubbed “The E-NewHealthLife”, is set to see deployment at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus — with the European island’s healthcare sector reportedly operating with numerous inefficiencies resulting from outdated technological infrastructure, VeChain announced on May 16.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus has 300 employees and processed 38,000 outpatient visits during 2019.

VeChain launches DLT medical platform in Cyprus

The first phase of the platform’s rollout will see it used in the emergency department of the Cyprus hospital, allowing patients to identify themselves, check waiting lists, and autonomously manage their medical records from their mobile phone.

“Instead of relying on health information exchanges or other ways to aggregate data,” Vechain asserts its platform is capable of “eliminating the middleman and accessing patient databases on a large, population scale.”

DLT modernizes medical data management

VeChain cites numerous challenges encountered by the hospital in seeking to modernize its technological infrastructure in recent decades, including “the administrative and technical difficulties of pooling data from different digital records systems,” a “lack of collaboration between local departments and agencies,” and “balanc[ing] health imperatives and privacy concerns.”

The firm emphasizes the efficacy of blockchain-based solutions to the problems of modernizing the tech systems underpinning healthcare organizations, noting the enhanced patient privacy also afforded by distributed ledger technology, or DLT.

During April, VeChain announced that its blockchain technology would be deployed to track the authenticity of Chinese KN95 masks entering the United States after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, approved their use amid the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen DLT deployed in a wide variety of contexts, including medical supply tracking, data management, and distributing donations.