ETC Labs Core Rebrands to ETC Core to Clarify Difference With ETC Labs


Blockchain developers organization Ethereum Classic (ETC) Labs Core (ETC Labs Core) has rebranded to ETC Core.

In a Dec. 15 blog post, ETC Core technology coordinator Stevan Lohja announced that ETC Labs Core had been rebranded to ETC Core. Lohja stipulated that this rebranding will assist the company to differentiate itself from ETC Labs, one of the first incubators that supported innovative projects on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

Lohja also introduced the Ethereum Classic development team ETC Labs Core at the beginning of 2019. Since that time, the ETC Core team has been working on core ETC projects, supporting the coin’s blockchain and providing tools for decentralized application development, mining and services.

Agharta hard fork is coming

Recently, Lohja announced that ETC core developers and participating ecosystem stakeholders had agreed on a target block number for mainnet activation as well as a testnet review period for greater assurance. “Core developers agreed to activate Agharta on mainnet at block 9_573_000 which is expected around Jan. 15, 2020,” Lohja said, adding:

“Assuming all testnets are running smoothly or any needed configurations are made, then Agharta will proceed to Accepted status, and Final when activated on mainnet across clients.”

Ethereum Classic successfully implemented Atlantis hard fork

In early September the team behind ETC activated the Atlantis hard fork aimed at improving the altcoin’s functionality and compatibility with Ethereum (ETH). ETC Director of Developer Relations Yaz Khoury congratulated the project with the development, saying at the time:

“Congratulations @eth_classic on the successful activation of the Atlantis Hardfork! Was one of the longest debates to reach consensus along with a lot of the immutability politics Learned a lot about the beauty of decentralization and a distributed community.”