Ethics-focused betting community

A betting community in the cryptocurrency market is not common as most projects have focused on other areas such as finance, health, and business. However, to ensure the cryptocurrency community’s parallel growth, it must be applicable in all fields, betting included. Goeth is a project that leverages the Ethereum network to create an ethics-focused betting community.

Why has Goeth focused on Ethereum?

Although Ethereum and Bitcoin operate similarly, the wide range of utilization of Ethereum makes it more suitable for this purpose. Bitcoin was developed to create advancement for the traditional model of financial transactions. To achieve this, the developer leveraged blockchain technology to create an open-source, decentralized financial network. So far, Bitcoin is doing great in the financial field with more awareness globally.

Ethereum, on the other hand, was developed in a similar way to Bitcoin but with some added exciting features such as smart contract, dApps, and its programming language. Smart contracts allow users the virtually engage anything. In the traditional mode of operation, lawyers did the smart contract job and with extra charges plus biases. But with a smart contract, users on the Ethereum network can virtually engage anything such as shares, money, real estate, etc., without the need for a lawyer or an extra fee.

Goeth has leveraged its betting platform on the Ethereum network because of the reasons discussed above. With Ethereum, investors can have a redefined betting experience while eliminating the ethics-related issue with betting.

How does Goeth Enhance the betting world?

Users often regarded as Bettor on the Goeth platform entrust their crypto assets to the platform with trust to keep it secure at all times. The security provided by blockchain technology is one of the most secure worldwide; hence, users can sit back and relax without worrying about their assets on the Goeth platform.

Also, with a smart contract, Goeth has eliminated biases often experienced in betting when handling disputes. Users can be sure that they would always have their profit without the risk of losing to other users.

Lastly, on the Goeth platform, users can earn without even betting through the reward programs. The first program allows users to earn by educating people about the community and getting returns on new users that sign up through their referral link. The second option will enable users to earn as a team.

With the Goeth community, trust is the watchword so users can feel safe on the platform while multiplying their Ethereum.