Gld Secured Currency (GSX) – The Ultimate SafeHaven

During these uncertain times, traders need some coin that they can put their holdings into to ride out extreme volatility. Stablecoins provide this service to traders because they derive their value from another asset. Usually, this other asset isn’t another cryptocurrency. However, there are plenty of crypto-pegged coins in the market, so they are not rare.

Most investors turn towards fiat-based stablecoins to escape volatility. The reasons for this decision are simple. Fiat-based stablecoins are the most popular type of stablecoin in the market today. You can get your hands on these coins on nearly every major exchange. Additionally, trading your holdings for a stablecoin is way cheaper and faster than selling your holdings for fiat currency.

The last statement is especially true when you have no intention of exiting the market completely. You just want a temporary safe haven. For these purposes, fiat-based stablecoins are good but not great. For one, their underlying asset has no real intrinsic value. Fiat currencies come and go just like countries and societies.

At Their Mercy

Fiat currencies are printed at a whim and there is very little oversight and zero controllability as to when the federal reserve will allow new funds to enter the market. The world is left to depend on this private entity to dictate the financial position of the future. Sadly, as history has shown, bad monetary policies are all too common globally.

Currently, there are several countries experiencing crushing inflation on their fiat currency. Some of these situations were the result of governments printing too much paper money to fill the coffers. Others are the direct result of outside forces such as sanctions or war destroying faith in the country’s financial capabilities. Whatever the reason, the fact remains, fiat currency is prone to lose all of its value over time.

Gold is Better

Gold-pinned stable coins offer the market a better alternative to the status quo. Gold is far more stable than a fiat currency in every aspect. Additionally, gold appreciates in value. As time goes by, the price of gold rises, and so does the value of gold pinned stable coins. In this way, gold-pinned coins outshine fiat-pinned coins in the market. 

Next-generation of Gold-Pinned Coins

Today’s gold-pinned currencies are light years ahead of the predecessors. These coins leverage the most advanced technologies available to the market today and create powerful financial tools to help investors attain record ROIs. GSX is one of these next-generation gold-pinned stablecoins that has the entire market awaiting its arrival.

More Stable than Gold

Gold is stable, it would be hard to argue that, but it does drop in value for certain reasons. One of the main reasons gold can decrease in value is the discovery of a large gold deposit. Whenever this occurs the market can become saturated. With all the new supply, the demand for gold dwindles and the price dries up.

GSX alleviates these concerns through a new type of gold-stablecoin mechanism. This pinning actually includes the land, mines, and all the equipment, in addition to the physical gold, the operation unearths. This strategy allows GSX tokens to retain value even in the event that gold prices were to drop.

New Gold

Notably, gold is at all-time highs and there is no reason to suspect a major drop in value in the future. However, that’s the issue with gold. There is no way to say when, or where new gold deposits could arise. It’s better to be prepared and to invest in a diverse financial instrument such as GSX to protect your ROIs.

Convert Bitcoin

Currently, you can convert your Bitcoin over to GSX at GSXCDE. The platform has 50% discounts for large investors. Best of all, you receive dividends for your investment on a yearly basis. These dividends are equal to your percentage of GSX holdings. In this way, you can look forward to some healthy passive income while you wait out the market volatility.

Few other stablecoins offer their users the chance to make passive income. Additionally, of these coins, most of these projects lack the transparency to be considered responsible investments. You should only invest in premier projects that exist on top-notch blockchains. In this way, you protect yourself from unnecessary losses.

Long Term Security

It’s easy to see that the crypto market is still in its early stages. There is still much development that will occur in this sector over the coming years. In the next five years, blockchain technologies will be in operation all around us. These next-generation protocols will simplify nearly every aspect of our lives.

As these years go by, so increases the risk of high powered supercomputers disrupting the delicate balance of the crypto sector. Most Proof-of-Work blockchains, such as Bitcoin rely on hashing power to keep their network safe. As long as 51% of the network hashing power is uncorrupted, Bitcoin can remain secure.

Quantum Risks are Real

Today, that strategy works great because there are no supercomputers readily available to hackers. However, with the introduction of more affordable quantum computers slated for later in the decade, this situation could take a turn for the worse. Amazingly, a single quantum computer is strong enough to cause severe headaches for the vast majority of blockchains in the market today.

In fact, the only blockchain that is certified as quantum-resistant is Apollo. The Apollo blockchain is a fourth-generation blockchain that introduces a variety of futuristic security protocols to accomplish this task. GSX resides on Apollo. Therefore, GSX is also quantum resistance. Keenly, GSX is the only quantum-resistant stablecoin in the world today.

More Secure and Stable than the Competition

GSX provides investors with a more secure and stable option. This coin was built to stand the test of time. The Apollo ecosystem provides GSX with more flexibility than any stablecoin ever. Consequently, investors continue to flock towards this remarkable blockchain asset.