The rise of ETH and where to get ETH

The rise of ETH and where to get ETH

Ethereum currently holds second place in cryptocurrency market capitalization following in on Bitcoin. Only in 2020, ETH recorded a surge by over 70%. The price rise does not come as a shock as it is significantly relative to that of Bitcoin. It can also be attributed to its features of underlying state-of-art and vision, along with it being at the cutting edge of modernization.

Ethereum, since its creation, has had falls and surges in its prices; however, there is a significant rise compared to when it was formed. As of 4th this month, 1ETH was going for $976.89 compared to $0.66 it went for in September 2015.

Introduction to Ethereum

Ethereum, unlike Bitcoin, is not a blockchain program utilized solely for paying or receiving pay. Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-creator, said that they could widen blockchain tech usage to cover more than just payment. This statement led to the creation of Ethereum, crypto with decentralized use, and the blockchain.

Creation of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin’s proposal to form a new scripting language for Bitcoin to allow for BTC application development was rejected, leading to him separating. He further went on to propose the creation of Ethereum in late 2013. In November 2013, Ethereum co-creator, Buterin, published the project’s official whitepaper.

A crowdsale was held after the formation in early 2014 for them to raise the funds they needed. From July to August of 2014, the crowdsale raised 31,529 BTC, then valued at $18 million to kickstart the project.

The launch of testnet

Ethereum unveiled its open testnet in May 2015 to be put on a test run by developers to test and find errors in the system. To read more on these early development stages on Ethereum, click here.

Where to get ETH

One can come to be in ownership of ETH through various means such as buying in exchanges, mining, and Goeth. 

If venturing in ETH through an exchange, you will need to research and find the best sites suiting your conditions. Some of the leading exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bybit, amongst many more. 

In mining, one would need to have high mathematics potency and also be educated on coding. Mining does not require an initial capital as you are awarded coins once you provide “proof-of-work” of the system.

The best for the last; Goeth enables one to invest and earn ETH in their program. To start, create an account on Goeth and deposit your investment. The capital invested is due to achieve a 200% interest in 90 days. This amount is credited to your account as the percentage of the value in dollars but in ETH. There are other add-ons you are entitled to earn, such as referral bonuses.


The creators of Ethereum have been consistently producing upgrades to the system. Ethereum is crucial to the crypto networks because it enables industries to create a brand, creative solutions using ETH blockchain.

Ethereum’s future is bright and smooth in all industries venturing into the program. To invest in ETH is a long term financial solution and is a way to keep up with crypto market trends.