Crypto Treasures for 2020

You don’t have to be a pirate to hunt out all the best crypt treasures of 2020. This year was a good one for the crypto market. Bitcoin began to bounce back and the market saw record expansion. Nowadays there are blockchains to service nearly every industry.

These platforms provide the world with a more efficient alternative to the status quo. While some of these platforms will go on to become long term members of the community, some will fade away into crypto history. It’s your job to determine what platforms are set to blow in the coming months. While this task is difficult, you can make things easier with research. 

These new platforms fueled the next stage of blockchain evolution. They all introduced new technology and strategies to the market. Here are the top crypto treasures of 2020:


Apollo is the culmination of nearly a decade in advancements in the blockchain sector. This futuristic blockchain functions across the entire spectrum of the industry. You can send payments in seconds with unmatched scalability. You can also tokenize real-world items. Best of all, you don’t need any technical know-how to accomplish these tasks.

Apollo provides the Dapp sector with new efficiency that other blockchains can’t compare to. For example, Apollo integrates proprietary sharding protocols. Sharding is a data storage method that breaks down information in a manner that is easy to restore and save. Using this method, Apollo can provide Dapp developers with a limitless programming space. 

Lightning Fast

You can send global payments in the millions with Apollo in seconds and for pennies. The system even allows you to decide if you want your payments to be private or public. This feature is critical as privacy concerns continue to remain a top priority for professionals in the place.

Apollo is the world’s only quantum-resistant blockchain available to the public. Quantum computers are already in use at major institutions globally. It won’t be long before these devices become more affordable. A quantum computer is powerful enough to topple most blockchains in the market. However, it would have a hard time altering Apollo’s blockchain. Interested investors can find Apollo on the BitMart exchange. The exchange offers BTC and ETH trading pairs.


GSX represents the evolution of the stable coin industry. This coin combines the benefits of a cryptocurrency with the stability of gold. Every GSX is pegged directly to physical gold and gold mining operations. These tokens payout yearly dividends to their holders based on the value of the firm’s holdings.

The best part about GSX is that both the gold and the land the mines are located at will appreciate over the coming years. This appreciation will combine with the adoption of this unique financial instrument and together this should drive demand. 

GSX resides on the Apollo blockchain. This feature provides GSX with unmatched security, speed, and usability. Additionally, this token is Quantum-resistant so it will remain secure well into the future. 


One of the main problems facing the stable coin market is a lack of transparency. How can users be sure that their coins remain pegged at the equal and agreed upon rate? GSX removes these concerns and introduces a methodical third-party auditing system. This system monitors and broadcasts GSX holdings to all stakeholders globally. GSX is only available at The platform offers up to 50% off early bird purchases.


IOTA is unique in so many ways. For one, this blockchain relies on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to remain secure, instead of traditional consensus mechanisms. IoT is one of the largest networks in the world. This network includes every smart device globally. Consequently, it numbers in the billions

IOTA wants to take these smart devices and allow them to pass value rather than just data. In this way, the platform could usher in a new era of functionality across the sector. Imagine your smart fridge purchasing more groceries for you from a preloaded smart contract account set to trigger when you get low. All of this and more is possible through IOTA.

For now, IOTA remains one of the most exciting projects in the space. The concept of integrating IoT with blockchain tech continues to be a point of interest for both investors and developers.


DASH has long been a pioneer in the market. This token introduced the crypto sector to some crucial firsts such as the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. This mechanism allows blockchains to approve transactions without the need to achieve full consensus. Consequently, DASH is remarkably scalable.

Also, DASH is known for its humanitarian efforts. The platform has operations across Latin America where it provides a vital safe haven to individuals in countries suffering from crushing inflation such as Venezuela. This strategy places DASH in a position to help bring these countries into the digital economy.

DASH stands as one of the most successful projects in the space. The platform combines a balance of privacy and functionality that is hard to match. Also, you can find DASH on almost all major exchanges.


PIVX stands for Private, Instant, Verified, Transaction (Tx). This next-gen blockchain platform was one of the first cryptocurrencies to utilize the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Additionally, the platform is MIT licensed, open-source, and 100% decentralized.

Similarly to DASH, PIVX utilizes a system of elected Masternodes to cut transaction time down to seconds. PIVX manages to keep its network secure using less electricity than Bitcoin. It also processes transactions much faster than generation one and two cryptos. 

PIVX has a decentralized governance system that allows all network participants a voice in major upgrade decisions. This is a smart maneuver as it protects the blockchain against future hard forks due to community splits. 

Crypto Treasures of 2020

Now that you have your crypto treasure map for 2020, it’s up to you to do the investing. Each of these platforms has a reputation as a reliable concept that is both secure and efficient. There is little chance blockchain adoption will continue without these platforms gaining in value along with the rest of the market.