Stratus: How This New Social Media Ecosystem Aims to Improve Businesses

Stratus How This New Social Media Ecosystem Aims to Improve Businesses

There are over 3 billion social media users globally, each surveying different opportunities on the platforms. Product marketing and online sales are among the trendy uses of social platforms in recent years. Interestingly, 54% of these internet users use social media to research products.

The advent of social networks has opened a spot for many businesses to thrive on the internet. Therefore, many business novices leverage social media to build and grow their businesses.  Stratus is a new ecosystem of platforms and services that users can take advantage of to maximize their business potential. But how will Stratus go above and beyond other sites in improving businesses?

Using Steve McCullah’s ecosystem, businesses can increase their brand awareness, gain marketplace insights, boost their sales, increase web traffic and more. This article will look at some of the ways Stratus will benefit business people and maximize sales.

Different Ways Stratus Will Expand Businesses

More Inbound Traffic

Many businesses use social media platforms to drive more traffic to their websites. For example, Facebook allows you to post content with a link to your business website. Then you can compel some content that will entice your audience to click on the link. They will land directly to your website and learn more about your products or probably purchase something.

Stratus merges all functions of major social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. It means that the traffic you could generate to your website with one platform will multiply in that single ecosystem. Your link will reach multiple platforms at once, thus enlarging your traffic even more.

Reaching Large Audiences

Social media platforms allow businesses to interact with customers globally and vice versa. You can take advantage of a platform like Facebook that currently records more than 2.6 billion monthly active users to stretch your business to such a broad audience.

However, Stratus’ ecosystem of platforms will provide a much larger audience compared to one platform. You have audiences from all major social media platforms at your disposal, and it’s your sole duty to leverage that to improve your business.

Gain Huge Marketplace Insights

Stratus will help you gain valuable information about your customers from several platforms, which will aid you make better business decisions. From such a broad audience, you can discover a lot about how people perceive your business. Getting marketplace insights will help you improve your products and services to meet your target audience’s needs better. The insights from your audience can make your business stand out from any competition and effectively reach more people.

Faster Flow of Information and Updates

Another way to improve your business is if all your information and updates flow faster. Stratus ecosystem allows you to use separate info on each platform’s profile; nevertheless, you can interact with activity on all of them using the main dashboard. It revolutionizes and speeds the rate at which you receive and view information and updates. 

Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or all of them, all information and updates are accessible in one spot. It means that using Stratus can improve your business by increasing the speed of flow of information and updates, which also gains you more marketplace insights.


Who needs a cost-effective business? Well, every business aficionado does. Moreover, with Stratus, you don’t need much hassle to ensure your business is lucrative. The ecosystem of platforms and services links with Knox World Pay, Apollo Fintech’s global bitcoin lightning network replacement.

But how will this help your business? It’s simple; Stratus will allow you to send BTC in 1-2 seconds with indefinite sustainability. It will facilitate your interaction with mass adoption by allowing BTC transactions by SMS by over 50% of the world that does not own a smartphone. It means, using Stratus, businesses can easily transact with customers using BTC globally. Stratus’ blockchain technology will make businesses much lucrative.

Time Factor

Unlike before, where you could spend so much time on different social media platforms trying to market your business to different audiences, Stratus changes that. Being an ecosystem of platforms and services, Stratus will reduce the time you spent campaigning on various platforms. You can now campaign your business on one account, using one universal wallet while accessing one dashboard. You can do your work faster and spend your valuable time doing something else to grow your business.

Boost Sales

You don’t need any tell-tale signs to assure you that your business will improve using Stratus. That’s because McCullah’s ecosystem claims to merge all significant platforms and services like shopping, insurance, banking and finance and more. You’ll need to take advantage of this because it encircles most, if not all, of your business services. Your business sales will thrive with customers accessing all these services in one platform. Also, added functionalities on Stratus like PayPal will effectively increase sales, since you can pay while shopping on one platform.

Increase Brand Awareness

Businesses require social media platforms, which have users nearly half of the world, to reach and highly target potential customers. Stratus unites all these users in one ecosystem, and your business will have access to a broader audience of consumers. One post on this platform will have customers liking and sharing your page, increasing your brand awareness.

Get Stratus to Improve Your Business Today!

Businesses have used social media in the past to market themselves and even make sales. However, Stratus is here to change how businesses use the internet for marketing and sales with the above different ways to improve businesses. 

Moreover, Stratus increases your customer and audience engagement; since all notifications from all your social media platforms appear together in one section. You can interact directly with all your customers, and they get the chance to interact with your brand. Stratus is the future for businesses out there, and it’s a smart business move to use it to your advantage.